Monday, November 14, 2011

Crazy Mormon love

The radio program This American Life had an episode where a young gay Mormon describes his (inappropriate) crush on another Mormon guy. It's funny, poignant, utterly insane and oh so Mormon. You can listen to it here. It's called "Benny Takes a Jet" and runs 13 minutes.

You have to listen to this. It's a great story.

Update: Benny has a longer video interview here if you're curious about the person behind the story.


A.J. said...

oh God I can totally relate....crushes. But mine were always nice straight mormon girls. Sigh....thanks for the link.

Trev said...

Ha ha ha, wow. Thanks for sharing.

Evan said...

I feel like most of us can relate to Benny :). I really enjoyed that.

MoHoHawaii said...

Glad you guys liked it.

There's a series of YouTube videos where Benny tells his story in more detail. There's also footage of the very cute straight best friend, Parker, who is mentioned in the This American Life story. You can see the videos here.

Logan in SLC said...

What a great story. It's not surprising that someone could grow up in Utah and never hear that people are born gay. I can relate as I grew up in Utah not knowing that some people don't believe in God. Benny, I'm happy that you've been able to break through that wall and I hope you find happiness in your life. You sound like a really great guy. Keep it up.