Monday, October 17, 2011

A professor talks about her gay Mormon students

I read a very good essay by a non-Mormon Utah State professor about her experiences in rural Utah. What she has to say about her gay Mormon students is particularly interesting.

I won't quote her. Instead, I recommend just reading the whole article.

Via: Andrew Sullivan


Dad's Primal Scream said...

Thanks for that link! I loved her essay and can relate on so many levels.

mohoguy said...

Thank you. I look forward to your posts, though few, they are fantastic. Thanks for pointing out this great article. Brad

Anonymous said...

I have two contradictory reactions to the essay. I don't want non-Mormon readers to think we are all violence prone homophobes, but on the other hand, we deserve it. If you are not for me, you're against me. If I don't speak out against intolerance, my silence proves my intolerance.

I was really glad to read the final line. like, there's hope after all, right?