Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet Mormon Boy

This is for all of you returned missionaries out there. It's a song by the Seattle Men's Chorus about a Mormon missionary. (Words after the video.)


One Thursday in July, 'bout a quarter after four
I heard a gentle knocking at my door.
I opened up to find a sight I'd witnessed before:
A pair of Mormon boys.

They stood at my door, this missionary pair
With name tags and perfect Disney hair,
With a burning in their bosom they simply had to share.
Oh, such faithful Mormon boys.

They go two by two, day by day, door to door,
'Elders' at age nineteen.
Earnest as an apple and wholesome to the core,
They keep their habits clean.
Sweet Mormon boys.

I asked the fellows in and poured some lemonade.
I said I'd be a tough one to persuade,
Still they forged ahead, unfazed and undismayed.
Oh, such loyal Mormon boys.

They go two by two, day by day, door to door,
On missions for two long years.
Earnest as an apple and wholesome to the core,
They keep their aspirations clear,
Sweet Mormon boys.

The taller of the two was delightsome to the eye,
Handsome and strong but shy.
His smile seemed to say that at any moment he might cry,
A peculiar Mormon boy.

His eyes were deep and gentle, a shocking shade of blue,
Intent, it seemed, at staring at his shoe.
He caught my gaze and blushed and looked away
And then I knew:
Oh, that poor Mormon boy!

A curious hour passed. I listened for a while.
The eager Elder talking all the while.
But all I could think of was the other fellow's trial
And the torment he must be going through.

If he truly is peculiar that's a rocky row to hoe,
Temple lost, he'll have no place to go.
They'll shun him all the way from the Salt Lake to Provo,
A lost Mormon boy.

They shook my hand and left; I stood waving from the door,
Wondering what their mission had in store.
Memories came to surface from many years ago,
Oh, when I was a Mormon boy. I was a Mormon boy.

They go two by two, day by day, door to door,
No looking back, their hand to the plow,
Earnest as an apple and wholesome to the core,
A Mormon always keeps his vow.

They go two by two, day by day, door to door,
Doing the work of the Lord.
Earnest as an apple and wholesome to the core,
But what if there's a secret, one that cannot be ignored?
What happens to such a Mormon boy?
Such a sweet Mormon boy?
Such a sweet Mormon boy.


Chuck said...

This is really cool, and heart warming to hear. I wonder who wrote it? Thanks for sharing it.

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for your comment. The song was written by Eric Lane Barnes for the Seattle Men's Chorus. It was performed in June 2007.

The composer of the song left the following comment on YouTube:

"Being the composer of this song, I feel the need to comment.
1) I talked with about 25 Mormons who were gay and grew up in the faith for research for this song. Their experience was very much like my experience in the Pentecostal church I grew up in
2) Mormons are generally very nice people. I am good friends w/ 2 Mormons who are still members, and have nothing but respect for me and my partner.
3) This song was not written to be a funny song, but to be a poignant one. "

C. L. Hanson said...

Wow, very sweet, and definitely poignant.

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi Chanson,

Glad you liked it too!

Beck said...

Very touching! I was that tall, shy, blue-eyed, shoe-staring missionary. In many ways, I still am...

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi Beck,

This one's for you. :- )

(Still thinking about your missionary stories.)

Vernon said...

Thanks for posting the video and lyrics of this gentle song. I have just been excommunicated for establishing what we in the UK call a Civil Partnership. At the age of 67 and after 17 years of membership, it feels a bit like a bereavement - but one with a happy release thanks to the disease afflicting the Mormon "body" I have left. The Church always seems to see relationships in terms of genital sex with no understanding of orientation, affection, etc! In my case, my partner and I have been the closest of friends for 40 years. I am in process of writing my fifth book of poetry on this very subject (my other poetry can be seen on and some of my Church correspondence is on my Facebook page - Vernon Moyse

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi Vernon,

Thanks for for your comment. I wish you and the one you love all the best. I'd love to read your poetry about this subject.

Vernon said...

Here is a sample of my thoughts about being excommunicated

I Am 67 and He is 73

I am 67 and he is 73
And you would separate him from me
Your “price” of reconnection to the “service”?
Of a church?

I am 67 and he is 73
And forty years of amity
Must be destroyed for fellowship?
In a church?

I am 67 and he is 73
I am ill and so is he
But we must abandon mutual care?
For a church?

I am 67 and he is 73
Beseiged it seems by bigotry
Coming from the utterances
Of a church?

I am 67 and he is 73
Who so would true Christian be
Beware the right-wing, hate-filled testimony
Of a church!

I am 67 and he is 73
And always thought a church would see
And mirror Jesus love for all
In its ministering

But solicitors called “Devonshires”
And imperious letters cavalier
Protect the Church at tithe expense
In AD-ministering

Ask why the church needs to resort
To lawyers’ letters and to courts
When Christ Exemplar used no cash
To waste on law tho cruelly thrashed?
Why did the Saviour of the world
Not call a lawyer, wigged and curled?
The reason is in symbolled dove
Gods need not law but work with love!
He gave advice to fallen folk
But left them “agency’s” soft yoke.

How quaint this God far from Utah
That sent to earth a sweet Saviour
Who never raised a voice in wrath
While earthly “Prophets” rage and froth!
And those same seers do dare to utter
The prejudice owned by the gutter.
Does God stay silent in despair
Or is it that He just ain’t there?
No – He’s NO time for worldly cares
When busy with the “Devonshires”!