Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coming out story

This is a nice LDS coming out story with a happy ending.

Mormon families seem to take one of two paths when they learn that they have a gay child. I love it when things turn out as they did in this video.

Via: Chino Blanco


Max Power said...

Great find

Grant Haws said...

I saw this one a while back when I was getting ready to come out to my family. Although it was a positive experience, we haven't reached this stage yet - but it's the goal.

I love how the parents really exemplify true Christianity...I wish more parents out there could do that.

Ezra said...

This video is nicely done. I just facebook messaged the creator and told him so.

Now for a quick rant: They are such a cute couple. I'm so aggravated when I see hot couples... it seems that only hot people ever have boyfriends. (if I went by the TV anyway) Sigh, whatever. I'm just feeling exhausted all the time lately, and finding myself less and less motivated to even bother dating. My life is so busy it's like a waste of time.