Friday, February 6, 2009

Video: Don't Divorce Me

This is video shows the faces of those who will be forcibly divorced if the California Supreme Court listens to Ken Starr.

I don't understand the hardness of heart that it would take not to be moved by the injustice these couples are experiencing. How can you look at the face of a couple that have dedicated their lives to each other for almost 50 years and say, "You are legal strangers"?

Anyway, enjoy the video (it has a good soundtrack, too).

See Courage Campaign if you want to sign the petition.


J G-W said...

I love this video...

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi John,

I love this video, too. I've watched it a number of times (maybe as many as 10) and am left with a sense of bewilderment about how reasonable people can have such profound differences of opinion. In particular, I am still just reeling from the ill-will sent our way by the church of my youth. It's been months since the election, but the wound isn't healing.

Thank you for your love and Christlike ways. I really appreciate it.

Sabayon said...

I have now watched this video a ridiculous amount of times. It is so profoundly bitter-sweet to see so many people demonstrating such obvious love, yet realizing that legally they may be forced apart. I also noticed an interesting differences in the expressions of older and younger children in the video. Most of the young children, or children in pictures where the words were photo shopped in were smiling, but many older children looked a bit upset. I wonder if the difference is the older children know what is going on and what the signs they are holding say and represent, and so understand that they are protesting someone trying to break up their families. Or maybe I'm reading to much into it.

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi Sabayon,

I definitely think the older children are more subdued in the family photographs. However, as anyone with teenagers will tell you, that's perfectly normal. :-)

ConservativeRepublican said...

Great video.