Saturday, November 1, 2008

A PR disaster

This No on 8 ad is a public relations disaster for the LDS Church.

Does the church really want to align its public image so strongly with this single issue?


Scot said...

Is it just me or is this is getting out of all hands?

It's not like they've not done something similar and worse, but I'm kind of sad to see the LDS used in such a way.

Anonymous said...

I loved this. I was at a party last night, and I overheard someone talking about going as a Mormon to a Halloween party the night before. There was discussion about how weird Mormons are, etc, etc. Later, I talked to the man and asked if he went as a Mormon missionary, and he said yes. He had planned this enough in advance that he had actually gone to the church website and requested a Book of Mormon so that he would have his prop. And the missionaries did deliver one. He said that he even made a name-tag saying "Elder -----", but using his first name. I told him that missionaries only use last names, for example "when I was a missionary, I was Elder ----." His expression after I said that was priceless. In talking more with him, it turns out that he and a friend went as a missionary companionship, and they went around the party saying that they were looking for gay couples.

I hate to say this, but people are starting to think Mormons are ridiculous and small minded. I'm starting to feel that way, too.

MoHoHawaii said...

Yes, things are way out of hand at this point. Depicting 20-year-old LDS missionaries as home-invading morals police is over the top. But the ad is an accurate portrayal of the feeling of threat that many people have in this divisive campaign.

The Church entered into a political contest of its own volition, advisedly or not. There's going to be fallout. In particular, talking about the Mormon church in a political context is now going to be fair game. Long term, it's going to be a PR disaster for the church.

I'm sad to see it go this way. I wish the Church had just sat this one out on the side lines.

Anonymous said...

I am an LDS woman who has had only one meaningful relationship.... one with another woman. Frankly though, I do agree with the church's stand on family and marriage. I ended my relationship of almost three years because of the church. I would gladly live a celibate life if it meant doing what my God asks of me. Videos like the one I just viewed are retarded, and do NOT show the church in the role they truly hold. The church is compassionate. They take no real pleasure in denying anyone happiness. it's not about temporal happiness.... it's about eternal joy. That is why i stand with the church and do not waver, even if it means an unhappy/lonely mortal life for myself.

Holly said...

I'm watching the election results right now. Obama has won but Prop 8 is WINNING in CA right (18% of precincts reporting) and I simply can't believe it. If it does pass, well, I hope something will happen before too long to make people see it is a mistake.

I hate to say this, but people are starting to think Mormons are ridiculous and small minded. I'm starting to feel that way, too.

People are STARTING to think Mormons are ridiculous and small minded? Where have they been for the last several decades? I've thought that since I was in high school in the 70s.