Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mormon moms speak out

Here is one of the best Mormon responses to Proposition 8 that I've read.

As a Mormon, I affirm the sanctity of Mormon temple marriage. I stand unapologetically for the right of the Mormon Church to set its own doctrines, to hold its own standards, and to conduct its own sacred rituals on its own terms. As an American citizen and a person of faith, I stand unequivocally for the First Amendment guarantees to freedom of speech and freedom of religion for all.

But I reject the tactics of the “Yes on 8” campaign as untrue, misleading, divisive, and destructive.

Strictly, soberly, and truthfully considered, there is nothing in Proposition 8 that protects heterosexual marriages, nor the Mormon Church, or the free exercise of religion in any other church, synagogue, mosque, or temple in California.

Strictly, soberly, truthfully considered, Proposition 8 only eliminates or takes away civil rights and protections now enjoyed by our neighbors, fellow citizens, and brothers and sisters who happen to be gay.

This is why, as a Mormon, a California citizen, a person of faith, a community activist, a scholar, and a mother, I am voting no on Proposition 8.

Read the whole thing here.

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