Saturday, November 15, 2008


 Tobi and I attended a gay rights rally today. Originally the rally had been organized to protest Prop 8, but I think it moved away from being a protest and toward being a rally for gay marriage. I gave some thought as to what sign I wanted to carry and finally settled on a positive message. (Believe me, I am angry enough about Prop 8 to have come up with a number of other signs.) The front of my sign said "Keep Biden's promise" and the back said "Federally recognized civil unions now." Biden's promise refers to what Vice President Elect Joe Biden said during the VP debate:
Do I support granting same-sex benefits? Absolutely positively. Look, in an Obama-Biden administration, there will be absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same-sex and a heterosexual couple.

This language is pretty clear. I think we should hold the Obama-Biden administration to it.

 The rally was larger than expected. I don't have a count of the number of people, but I would estimate 10,000 or so. There was a rally in a park that included the mayor declaring today to be "Marriage Equality Day" and promised to help fight for gay marriage in our state. There were a number of other speeches.
 Only a few of the signs being carried by the marchers referenced the LDS Church. There were also a few signs carried by Mormon supporters such as "Mormons for Queers" that I saw carried by an opposite-sex couple in their early twenties. I live in a very liberal city with lots of gay people. I think many of the members of the church who live here may not hold the more conservative LDS view. I didn't get a chance to talk to any of these people. Also, I think a fair number of straight people were marching.
 After the rally in the park we marched to a square downtown along a two-mile route. The police blocked traffic so that the marchers could use the street. The march was extremely peaceful. One of the speakers mentioned at the final rally that 300 marches had taken place simultaneously worldwide and that approximately 1,000,000 people participated.

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Scot said...

I'm glad your march went well too. It was a nice, uplifting event for us here.