Sunday, November 9, 2008

Local protest

Protesters picketed an LDS ward about a mile from my house today. See here and here for pictures and text.

Another protest is planned for next Saturday outside the temple grounds. For those who may question the fairness of such actions, be sure to read Chanson's analysis at Main Street Plaza:
If you open up a grocery store in the middle of your chapel, you can hardly complain that people are disrespecting your “sacred places of worship” by shopping there.

I love some of the signs carried by protesters here and at Temple Square. Three of my favorites:

  • Would you rather I marry your daughter? (carried by a gay man)

  • Keep your DOCTRINE out of my COVENANTS!

  • Can I vote on your marriage?

  • I believe credit for the D&C reference goes to Craig.

    If you were to protest the passage of Prop. 8, what would your poster say?


    invisible said...

    I thought you might find this intresting. It gives me a bit of hope -

    MoHoHawaii said...

    Hi Invisible,

    Thanks for the link. I understand the legal basis for the challenge. It's a plausible case. Still, I'm skeptical that Prop. 8 will be overturned by the court.

    invisible said...

    We will see. This movememnt will only get bigger. I have faith that if not right now one day very soon there will be equal rights for all. If they did overturn this it would be a huge step. But there would be voter backlash. Man, this is sticky indeed!

    Carter Niven said...

    Ask my wife how she feels about being married to a gay man.

    Do you really want to belong to a church that says you have to shun your children because of something they can’t help?

    Mormon doctrine says there is no punishment when there is no choice. Gays will fill the Celestial Kingdom.

    Q: How many Mormons does it take to change a light bulb? A: At least six: One to change the light bulb; one to deny that there was any change made; one to say that we shouldn't focus on the change--only the need for light; one to say we don't teach that the light bulb needed changing in the first place; one to say that the changer was acting for himself and not as an official changer; and one to say "who cares who changed the bulb, don't you feel the burning of the light?


    The Mormon Church has been in apostasy since giving up its wives.

    Joseph Smith gave women the priesthood – why don’t they have it now?

    The Mormon Church has changed as much as any other religion.

    “That which is wrong under one circumstance, may be, and often is, right under another.” – Joseph’s line to adolescent girls.