Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay spirituality

Connell O'Donovan has an account of Sunday's protest at the Oakland Temple.

There were no epithets being yelled, no "hate speech," no wall climbing, etc. I was also very happy to note that on this very busy street that the temple lies on, easily three-quarters of the vehicles that passed by honked, waved, and thumbs-upped in support! From where I was, I could easily see four LDS security officers in the temple parking lot watching us, oddly all dressed exactly like Mr. Smith of "The Matrix" fame, right down to stylish sunglasses. They were visibly disturbed by the amount of supportive honking from passing traffic. I had made a sign to hold that proclaimed myself an "Adult Survivor of Mormon Homophobia". I held it up so that the security officers could easily see it. They shook their heads in disapproval. It makes me laugh that I used to be a security guard on Temple Square. One of my duties was to let the Tabernacle Choir into the Tabernacle on Thursday nights for rehearsal. Oh the webs we weave!!

When the crowd dwindled to less than about 60, the 40 or so police officers that were there decided they could leave as well. I asked who was the officer in charge and I then asked that him how it had gone. He said he had no complaints whatsoever - that we had all been completely law-abiding, peaceful, compliant, etc. I did stay until the end - about 3:30. And our clean up crew looked around and there was not a single bit of trash for any of us to clean up.

Read the whole thing here, especially if you're skeptical of spirituality outside of LDS orthodoxy. He'll change your mind.

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