Monday, August 25, 2008

Romney as VP?

There's quite a bit of speculation going around that Mitt Romney may be the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.

If McCain puts Romney on the ticket, it would be an act of political suicide. Bottom line: the base of the Republican party will not support a Mormon candidate. It's purely a matter of bigotry. As unfair as it is, Romney is a nonstarter for this crowd.

Here's the twist. If Romney is to be the VP nominee, then the over-the-top actions of the LDS Church in California make a lot more sense. By working with evangelical churches on the anti-gay Proposition 8, the LDS leadership may hope to build legitimacy with evangelicals and thereby gain political power on the coattails of a McCain/Romney victory.

Personally, I don't see how this can possibly be a winning strategy. I have some understanding (having grown up in the deep South) of the mindset of evangelical Christians. They would sooner vote for a Muslim than for a Mormon. The Church is not being realistic if it thinks that cooperating with evangelical churches in California will make an ounce of difference in the opinions that conservative evangelicals have toward Mormons.

Just a thought.


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

I am really, really hoping McCain picks him.

Ted said...

Despite the Dems and the allied main stream media’s desperation to see Romney as McCain’s Veep, Mitt is clearly out, with (1) Obama doubling down on the class warfare theme (McCain’s 7 houses) and (2) McCain doubling down with ads showing the hypocrisy of Biden attacking Obama in the primaries — Romney did way more than that contra McCain.

This leaves only Govs Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. Pro-abortion Ridge and Dem-Lieberman were never real considerations, despite relentless media goading. Pawlenty’s lackluster TV performances, coupled with Palin pizzazz, the primacy of oil drilling and the ticked off women/Hillary voters, does now portend a McCain/Palin checkmate on the Dems. This is so albeit the Dems and liberal media dare not mention Palin’s name, that is, everyone but…..

And if there’s any question as to Palin being uniquely positioned and able to more than nullify Biden in debate, see the excellent discussion at

Team McCain, well done!!!

MoHoHawaii said...

Hey Craig!

Yeah, it would be fun to watch.

Hi Ted,

Thanks for dropping by.

I have to agree with you that Romney wouldn't help the ticket. Palin is an interesting choice, but I'd call her a long shot.

We'll see soon enough. (In any case, I'm voting for Obama!)

Chino Blanco said...

Ted left the exact same comment over at my place (takes a spammer to know a spammer, I guess).

In any case ...

Just a heads up: Mike Huckabee recently gave an interview in which he holds Mitt Romney responsible for implementing gay marriage in Massachusetts.


Welcome to the coalition.

I wish that more rank and file members of the LDS (Mormon) church would realize: the anti-gay coalition they've joined in California is one that includes folks who - given the chance - would vote their church out of existence.

Folks like Mike Huckabee and his Evangelical buddies.