Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Party

Last Saturday evening I went with Tobi to his office's New Year's party held at an upscale restaurant. This was kind of a coming out experience for Tobi, since not all of his co-workers knew he was gay. It was very sweet when Tobi introduced me to each of his co-workers and their spouses by saying "This is my boyfriend, [MoHoHawaii]." I was proud of him.

We were the only gay couple at the party. Everyone was very friendly, and I think they were touched that Tobi had brought his boyfriend. People can be compassionate about this. It is my hunch that the meanness of the Republican political machine over the past few years is causing a backlash-- I got the impression that some of the straight people at the party were rooting for us. Maybe I'm imagining this, but it seemed that way. In any case, I was touched by their generosity of spirit.

At dinner we sat across from a charming Asian-American coworker of Tobi's with an outgoing personality and great sense of humor. She and her boyfriend had spent some time in Japan so we got to compare notes. As the night wore on our section of the table became the most boisterous. We definitely had the best jokes.

Tobi's boss likes to visit wineries and stock his wine cellar from his travels. He had brought all of the wine for the evening from his collection. Some of it seemed to be rather fancy. I don't study wine so I'm not sure. During the cocktail hour before dinner, he and I had the following exchange:

ME: So I understand that you are an oenophile.

TOBI'S BOSS (bluntly): What's that?

ME (realizing that I've blown it and that there's no recovery): A person who likes wine.

TOBI'S BOSS: I don't know, but I like Hilo.

ME: (blinking involuntarily) Excuse me?

TOBI'S BOSS: I don't know if I like Hawaii but I know I like Hilo.

I don't remember much after that. I may have eaten some more of the oysters that were being served as an appetizer, but I can't be sure. Gratefully, we sat down to dinner shortly afterwards and things started to improve.

 *       *       * 

Sometimes I feel very, very lucky. I have the cutest, nicest boyfriend you could ask for. I'm looking forward to 2008.

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Clark said...

I love this! I'm so happy that your boyfriend was able to integrate you into more of his life, and also that he is integrating HIMSELF into more of his own life! That is really difficult but so amazing and so cathartic in a strange way. I DO think people out there are rooting for us, and its awesome that you felt that support from these total strangers. I think you are awesome and I am rooting for you guys to have an awesome 2008 together!