Monday, January 14, 2008

Let Your Light So Shine

A recent post by Scot about his family's division of responsibility arrived at the same time as this news report.

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Studies of lesbian and gay couples reveal some key factors that may promote healthier relationships in straight couples, a U.S. psychologist says.

Psychologist and researcher Robert-Jay Green of the Rockway Institute and of Alliant International University in San Diego says the studies of lesbian and gay couples found that the homosexual couples had flexibility about gender roles and an equal division of parenting and household tasks.

In a series of studies Green conducted with Michael Bettinger and Ellis Zacks, lesbian couples were found to be emotionally closer than gay male couples who, in turn, were found to be emotionally closer than heterosexual married couples.

"It all comes down to greater equality in the relationship," Green said in a statement. "Research shows that lesbian and gay couples have a head start in escaping the traditional gender role divisions that make for power imbalances and dissatisfaction in many heterosexual relationships."

Heterosexual couples could learn from gays couples about sharing housework and childcare, using softer communication in conflict and having more nurturing behaviors toward one another and their children, the researchers conclude.

Coincidence? I think not.


Mr. Fob said...

Yeah, someone at UPI totally reads Scot's blog.

Seriously, this is an interesting article. Heterosexual couples are definitely at a disadvantage when it comes to egalitarianism, what with all the baggage of traditions established by previous generations. Scot's post--and now this article--have got me thinking more about how Foxy and I divide the labor, as it were. Raising consciousness of how gender roles affect relationships is always a good thing.

Scot said...

Yeah, someone at UPI totally reads Scot's blog.

That better not be the “research” they’re referring to :-).

Thanks for the point to the article, MoHoHawaii. I’ll have to find the research.

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