Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book review: Together Forever

I just read a book that I think is worthwhile. It's Together Forever: The Gay Man's Guide to Lifelong Love by Martin Kantor, MD.

Basically, Together Forever is a marriage manual for gay male couples. What makes it different is that the author has had a lot of experience in counseling gay male couples in his clinical practice and also has had a successful partnership with his own husband for 22 years. The advice is definitely not of the touchy-feely, self-help variety. Instead, Kantor gives practical tips that are often unsentimental.

I read this book rather skeptically at first, but as I went along I warmed up to it. I'm not going to summarize the recommendations here; the book is easy enough to order from Amazon or check out from your local library. Mostly I wanted to bring it to your attention if you are in the market for such a title. I think it's worth reading whether you are considering a relationship, are starting one or have been partnered for a long time.

(Tobi and I are using it as a springboard for discussing what our future might look like when we eventually move in together and form our own household. It's been helpful for this purpose.)


Chris said...

Thanks for the recommendation -- I might have to pick it up!

Scot said...

That’s great that such a book even exists. I'd have snatched such up when I was coming out. Though things have worked out great for us, at first it felt a bit like we were working without many instructions or much of a net. No need to reinvent the wheel and all...

J G-W said...

I've never been much one for these kinds of self-help manuals. Maybe I've never graduated beyond the two-year-old, "Let me do it myself!" mentality.

Maybe I should try reading just one self-help manual to see if it "helps." Maybe on the strength of your recommendation, this should be the one!