Saturday, March 17, 2007

Straight sex vs homosex

-L- recently had a thoughtful post about straight sex from a gay guy's point of view. I made the following comment:

I have been on both sides of this... heterosexually married (with kids) and in a monogamous gay relationship of long duration.

My experience agrees with -L-'s as far as the hetsex part goes. It was workable; we had kids; it didn't gross anyone out; it wasn't a caricature of intimacy; sometimes it was even tender.

When I first had homosex, it was like being transported to another plane of existence. The synapses in my brain went into overdrive. It was electric. The experience was unbelievably potent. I cried afterwards from happiness. It was truly making love for the first time.

When people ask me how old I was when I first had sex, I always use the age of my first homosex. Then I tell them that prior to losing my virginity I was married and had several kids. :-)

I still remember that first sexual experience. (Insert cinematic dissolve here)

Since this is a PG-rated blog, you may have to use your imagination here. But I'm not kidding: having the kind of sex you're wired for is a completely different experience from the other kind of sex.

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-L- said...

I've been mulling how to respond to your comment since I saw it and finally posted one today. There are a lot of tangential discussions that could be had... but right now I'm tired. :-)