Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pic of the day 3

I snapped this at a gay pride parade:

What's interesting is that a photograph like this evokes an emotion in the viewer. It's not neutral.

When I was much younger (before I came out) I would have been dismissive ("Why do they have to parade this around?") and secretly jealous.

Right after I came out I would have been proud ("Go for it, show your pride!").

At this point in my life, I have a nostalgic and parental view. Images of young couples (regardless of the genders involved) make me remember my youth and feel protective... I have the urge to give advice ("make sure you are nice to each other," "stay in school," etc.) LOL.

What emotion does this photo evoke in you? Is this emotion different in any way from what you might previously have felt?


Beck said...

Envious! :)

Beck said...

Maybe I should explain:

1. Envious that they have each other and that they want to hold hands in the first place.

2. Envious that they are willing to do it in public, not afraid to be seen together, and not having to hide it from anyone.

3. Envious that they are young and beautiful, and that they have their lives ahead of them to look forward to.

4. Envious that they have what I only fantasize about.

Thanks for ruining my afternoon... ;)

playasinmar said...

"Well, not really--but they could be. I mean, I have nothing against straight people. They're God's children, too, and we should love them in spite of their behavior. We must learn to hate the sin, but love the sinner. We need to realize that, in spite of what we see on TV--the adultery, the spouse and child abuse, the gay bashing, the bigotry--not all straight people fit this stereotype. Why, I know some very dear straight people who are sincerely struggling to repent of their past behavior and have a desire to bring their lives into harmony with the Gospel.

Now what they do in private is their own business--I just don't approve of them flaunting it in public. I see no reason why they need to touch each other and kiss in public or parade their drunken revelries on the streets of New Orleans every year. I mean, it's so confrontational. You know they're just doing it to upset people. And while they have the same rights as anybody else, I think we need to protect our impressionable children from exposure to sinful lifestyles. We can't send a message to the children that we condone nudity, drunkenness, hatred, killing, abuse and a multitude of other sins which straight people commit. For that reason I am a concerned citizen seeking to assure that we do not grant special rights to heterosexuals . . .

Enough!" - Marty Beaudet

Mormon Enigma said...

TO be honest, when I first looked at the picture, I wondered why they were so far apart. It's like they want to hold hands, but don't want to invade each others personal space at the same time. If you're gonna hold hands, at least make it appear that you like each other. :-)

But, after looking at it again, I have to echo Beck's comments.

mark said...

I hate to say it, perhaps I am shallow, but my first reaction was, "man, they are a cute/hot couple!" I admit on my second look I wondered why they are so far apart and not exactly looking that thrilled (at least the guy on the right). But still, they are pretty cute, both individually and as a couple.

Sara said...

Dunno, but maybe from a perspective from someone who grew up very differently - the picture doesn't evoke much in me. They're just people. Maybe that in itself is an interesting reaction.