Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gay Mormon story 1

Here's a link to a humorous (but poignant) personal account of writer and historian Connell O'Donovan's coming out. It involves a pumpkin custard.

What happens when a man wins the ward dessert competition?

Half the Ward was on the floor rolling with laughter. The women who had been in the competition glared at me like they were fit to execute me on the spot. The Bishop was blue then red with humiliation and disbelief, shaking his head in his hands as though the cruelty of the gods had become too much for him to bear.

The link includes the recipe that started all the trouble.


playasinmar said...

But my victorious yet insidious Pumpkin Custard had laid waste her assumptions; had provided a sure sign of my moral depravity and my gender treachery.

That was one of the first stories I ever read on the Affirmation website. It remains my favorite such story.

AttemptingthePath said...

Dear "MoHo"Hawaii,

I feel it necessary to inform you of your ill-chosen prefix. After many conversations with the people who have coined the term “MoHo,” I’ve come to find out there is a reason why the Mo is placed in front of the Ho. It’s a term that is free from any political background that identifies us first as people desiring to follow the gospel that we love, and then identifies us as people who experience homosexual attraction.

Your blog wouldn’t suffer from your horrible misnomer if it was, per se, entitled HoMoHawaii instead of MoHoHawaii.

Please don't take offense, I just wanted to help someone out so they don’t look so pathetic misusing words.

MoHoHawaii said...

Thanks commenting, AtP. No offense taken!

My first ancestor joined the Church in Coalville, NY. There were 100 members at the time. My ancestors on both sides crossed the plains with the Saints. I was raised in the Church, went on a mission and married in the temple. I even have a very "Utah" name. Between the heritage and the life experience, I'm as Mo as they come. I'm also, as you've read, as Ho as they come.

I strive my utmost to be faithful to a high standard of ethics in my personal life. I'm also family oriented. Is this the gospel of love? Not by the LDS Church's definition. But I counter that the LDS Church has no more right to Mo than I do. We share the heritage (they don't own it). We can share the word. I'll fight them over the Ho. :-)

I will say one serious point. One of my purposes in blogging is to have a dialog with MoHos who are active in the Church. This matters to me, and I really want to benefit from their experiences as well as share my own. I hope I'm welcome, even if my beliefs differ.

playasinmar said...

Apparently the gay Mormon community has grown large enough for it's first official purge.

playasinmar said...

"I even have a very "Utah" name."

Let's see... That would make you Nephi Moriantum Smith Jr.

Chris said...


Perhaps you should call yourself LDSHo, rather than MoHo then. Despite the Church's attempt to own the term "Mormon," it doesn't, and those who have Mormon heritage or history have just as much claim on the word as those who are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

MoHoHawaii said...


Let's see... That would make you Nephi Moriantum Smith Jr.

OK, I take it back. I misspoke. I'm nowhere near that level of name exaltation.